Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Alumni Band Day tomorrow!

Join us for Alumni Band Day! We hope for this to be our biggest Alumni Band ever.

SCHEDULE: (finalized!)
6:15-6:45am: BRH (if you need an instrument)
7:00am: Check-in, donuts, coffee, juice, music pick-up at at Maxwell Field (just north of Memorial Stadium)
7:15am: DOWNBEAT at Maxwell! (Pleeeez be on time! Don't forget you have to pick up your music first!)
~8:00am: We move into Memorial Stadium to practice with the Cal Band and then continue on our own
10am: Leave Memorial Stadium for BRH
10:20: DOWNBEAT in BRH for music rehearsal (Shortest music rehearsal ever!)
11:00am: Cal Band Sproul Steps concert
11:15am: Sather Gate parade form-up behind Cal Band, follow through campus
12:00pm: Enter Memorial Stadium
~12:25pm: Perform Star Spangled Banner with Cal Band
12:30pm: Kickoff!
First Quarter: Lunch in the stands

UNIFORM: Alumni Band polo shirt & hat (old or new design), jeans or dark pants/shorts. Shirts & hats will be available for purchase. CBAA Member prices: $19/shirt, $11/hat; non-member prices add $5 each. A new shirt & hat are included with a first-time 2-year membership ($30) or any new lifetime membership ($325 or $80 per year for 5 years). Credit cards accepted. Sign up for CBAA membership at Alumni Band Day (not required).

ALUMNI SHOW: We will be honoring the 50th reunion of the Brussels Worlds Fair Tour by playing Colonel Bogey. A special tribute will be performed for Bob Briggs including playing "Bob's Sons", the chorale version of Sons of California which Bob arranged and was one of his favorites. We will also play Hail to California.


login: alumni
password: gobearson3

INSTRUMENTS: Available on a first come first serve basis in BRH from 6:15-6:45am. No guarantees!

RECEPTION: Immediately following the game, there is a reception in Alumni House (free snacks, soda, beer) for ALL former Cal Band members & families. You need not have marched or played with us to participate in the reception. Current Cal Band members are definitely invited!

TICKETS: Band members with instruments & kids holding the banner (see below) receive free entry. ALL non-marchers enter thru another gate & need tickets (there is usually room near the Alumni Band to sit at the front of sections HH and I). Marchers with season tickets, PLEASE bring your tickets to GIVE to Alumni Band family members to minimize any extra ticket costs for family members. Tickets can be purchased from or 1-800-GO-BEARS.

BANNER KIDS: To carry the banner onfield at halftime, kids MUST be at least 53 inches tall & attend morning marching rehearsal. Limited spots-first come first served. Uniform: white Cal shirt & blue Cal hat.

All kids of all sizes are encouraged to march behind the Alumni Band banner to march from Sather Gate to the stadium at 11:15am.

Go Bears!
erin :)

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