Sunday, September 21, 2008

Forever under the direction of Robert O. Briggs

I have been completely overwhelmed and unable to write since Bob's passing. Words just don't seem enough to express how much Bob meant to me and to the Cal Band and Alumni Band communities which are so dear to all of us. Bob was such a special person in so many ways.

Bob was not only my Cal Band mentor, but he was also my good friend. I marched 3 seasons under "Old Bob" and was Drum Major for the Ex-Comm which brought in "New Bob" in the fall season of 1995. I had the pleasure of orchestrating Bob Briggs's last Spring Show (which was my excuse why it was 3 hours long!!!), including a photo slideshow at the end which I am trying to find (does anyone know?).

While I experienced defining moments with Bob while I was in band, I would say we became much closer friends after I left the Cal Band and entered the alumni world. We kept close as my husband Mark (trombone '92) and I would invite him to birthday shindigs, Memorial Day BBQs, and holiday parties - and he would ALWAYS be the first person to arrive, right on time, usually with sangria in tow. He attended many gatherings, forever being the oldest person there by many years, but somehow fitting in exactly right.

He nurtured my love for Cal and the Cal Band, paying for my husband and I *twice* to attend CAA's black tie "Charter Gala", knowing that we didn't have the money but that we should absolutely be there. We seemed to be on Bob's short list for extra basketball tickets, football tickets, or those illustrious Hall of Fame Room pre-game passes. I believe he was instrumental in me attaining my current job with the California Alumni Association, and he was always so proud and felt it was so "right" for me to work there. In the past 4 1/2 years, Bob would stop by my office regularly just to say hi and "talk shop" - and I will dearly miss that.

Without a doubt, Bob is absolutely the reason why I love Cal and the Cal Band so wholeheartedly to this day. I will forever thank him for instilling this spirit in me and teaching me the values of Cal tradition.

With the help of my wonderful sister Amy, we have put together a very short photo montage with music that I would like to share with you. The sound is important. If you see a horizontal blue bar, please wait for the pictures to load.

Once a Cal Bandsman, Always a Cal Bandsman.

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