Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Stadium - Construction on Student Athlete Performance Center

Today I visited Memorial Stadium, chatted with a football buddy of mine, and took some pics!

Entering the construction zone...

Big holes are being made.

From the top of the stadium, pretty cool.

Inside fact - Cal was planning on keeping that tall tree Dumpster Muffin had taken habitat in, but had to cut it down because of the damage the tree-sitters inflicted. Isn't it ironic?

A pretty good look. They are going to install 4 huge exhaust fans on the west side of Memorial (on the insistence of the UC Regents) in case of a fire the air can quickly get out.

Also, they will build huge metal bars the vertical length of the stadium to "hold" Memorial from completely falling over / crumbling to the ground in case of an earthquake.

The first floor (bottom floor) plans including a picture of the presentation room (top left - although possibly with wider seats), weight room (top center), and weight room with the dining room overlooking it.

The second (top) floor plan including a picture of a hallway (top left), the dining area (top center), and the view from the plaza looking down the stairs going into the performance center (top right).

The locker room. They will go with the dark finish of the lockers.

And for those band folks out there, they are installing some arch metal beams in North Tunnel so that doesn't crumble onto poor band members. They will be able to storm out of North Tunnel as per usual, but they won't be able to hang out there while waiting to do so. Where will they wait? TBD... (my guess - inside the stadium in the endzone.)

Here is a link to a short video I took:

Go Bears!

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