Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ex-Cal Kicker Tom Schneider

From ex-CAL kicker Tom Schneider (Tom is kicking well in practice for North Alabama and opens his first game as a kicker with them on Aug. 28):

"The website is up and running. [Here is the] website We just had an article run in the contra costa times on the project"

The link is and here are a few key excerpts, "Former Cal football players Smits, Schneider team up on book...Cory Smits and Tom Schneider figured they'd make themselves useful. The former Cal quarterback and kicker missed all last season with injuries. While their teammates were taking reps at practice, Smits and Schneider were taking pictures. Smits had shoulder surgery before the season, and Schneider suggested that he spend the year chronicling the 2007 version of Cal football. Schneider then joined him on the sidelines after suffering a season-ending leg injury while warming up for the season-opener against Tennessee. The duo thought snapping photos would be a fun way to pass the time at practice while giving players some memories of the season. But after taking what Smits estimates was about 5,000 pictures, it turns out there were some pretty good ones.

The result: A coffee table book that just went on sale called "Inside the Huddle: A photographic journal of Cal football."

Schneider is still playing. Schneider used up all of his Division I-A eligibility but transferred to Division II North Alabama for this season....The book is currently only available at, but Smits said he will have booths set up at the "FunZone" outside Memorial Stadium and on Bancroft Avenue during the day of home games. He's also hoping to get in on the shelves at some independent bookstores and at concession stands inside the stadium. The book features an inside look at different aspects of the Cal football program — practices, facilities, meetings, recruiting and, of course, games."

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TRHK said...

Great book. Incredible behind the scenes pictures of Cal players and coaches. Great Christmas gift.